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GlobeSpec is Now Offering Winterization Services

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GlobeSpec is proud to announce the addition of a new service.

Freezing water ruins the mood

Winter brings thoughts of Holiday cheer, beautiful snow scenes and cozy fireplaces. But when a home is left unoccupied for an extended period, winter's chill can also spell costly disaster due to bursting, frozen pipes. A building’s water supply pipes are already under pressure. When fro­zen, the water’s volume expands by about 10%, creating additional pressure until the pipes give out. A typical 1/8-inch fissure in a pipe can yield hundreds of gallons of water, causing damage to walls, ceilings, floors, and structural components, as well as creating conditions conducive to mold growth.

Protect your client’s property

Your clients rely on you to protect their inventory of properties. As winter approaches, you can put your trust in GlobeSpec to help you do just that. We employ a network of qualified contrac­tors to provide professional winterization and de-winterization services wherever and whenev­er you need them. Contact your account manager to discuss order details and fees.

How it works

As soon as the home becomes vacant, it’s important to ensure it is properly winterized to pre­vent problems. Simply place an order with GlobeSpec, including updated contact information, and we will coordinate the rest. While in inventory, you may need to de-winterize and re-winterize the home in order to allow for inspections, etc. Contact us and we will coordinate these follow-up services as well.

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